About The Bend Foundation

The Bend Foundation’s mission is to stimulate and enhance a thriving and creative community in Central Oregon.

Established and funded by Brooks Scanlon, Brooks Resources and its shareholders, The Bend Foundation was originally formed in 1947 as a resource for injured loggers and mill workers, and to provide scholarships for industry workers.

Over the years, The Bend Foundation has performed as a leader in our community by identifying and supporting key needs in an effort to maintain and improve the livability in Bend and throughout Central Oregon.

The primary focus of the Bend Foundation’s support is to contribute to non-profit and public organizations that:

*Encourage and recognize both long-term and upcoming passionate leaders
*Assist populations that have been systematically and intentionally excluded from power and access
*Promote cultural, intellectual enrichment and civil discourse programs impactful to the community
*Enhance livability and protect the environment
*Request one-time capital funding and start-up projects and initiatives that support our mission in areas such as the arts, education, conservation and social welfare

Board of Trustees

Conley Brooks, Jr.

Board member of Brooks Resources Corporation

Colin S. Brooks

Board member of Brooks Resources Corporation

Michael P. Hollern

Chairman of the board of Brooks Resources Corporation


Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Brooks Resources Corporation

Kirk Schueler

President & CEO of Brooks Resources Corporation

Becky Johnson

Former President of OSU-Cascades and Interim President of Oregon State University